When realtors talk about the value of a home, there are several different factors to consider. Of course, the size, quality, and condition of the home will set the broad price range. More square footage, fancier amenities (e.g., kitchen or bathroom upgrades), and bonus features (e.g., outdoor living space, home theater, etc.) all contribute to a home’s value. But one feature that can’t be captured in pure numbers is the all-important first impression or, in real estate terms, curb appeal. Curb appeal is the very first idea a potential buyer forms from the curb, before even approaching your home. It may seem unfair, but many potential buyers have nearly made up their mind before they even walk in the door. A new roof is a great way to boost curb appeal.

No matter what amenities the home has, you only get one chance to make a first impression. That first impression, for better or for worse, will shade a potential buyer’s perception of the rest of the home. A lousy first impression will make even the highest quality home seem somewhat less desirable. On the other hand, a great first impression can override some potential shortfalls of a prospective home. Curb appeal is crucial in setting a home’s price. A house with excellent curb appeal will likely sell more quickly, keeping the purchase price high. If a home has poor curb appeal, it is likely to sit on the market longer. And the longer a home goes unsold, the more the price inevitably drops.

How a New Roof Affects Curb Appeal [infographic]

A New Roof Adds Curb Appeal

Many home experts say that adding a roof can add thousands of dollars to a home’s value. However, it isn’t precisely the roof itself that is adding the value. For most renovations and upgrades, homeowners should consider ROI, return on investment. If the ROI is high—80% or more—the money you spend on the improvement will mostly be recouped when the home is sold. If you are already planning to sell a home, you should focus on upgrades with very high ROI, 90% to 100% or more. Anything less is money spent that you will never get back. But a roof has a very different ROI.

When approaching a home from the curb, the roof makes up one third or more of the homes visible facade. Since the roof makes up so much of that first look, it is crucial that the roof makes a good impression. The ROI on a new roof is not based solely on the value of a roof. Instead, it is mostly a function of how curb appeal affects home value. Positive curb appeal helps a home sell more quickly, and the more quickly a home can sell—or the more competing bids—the higher the final sale price.

The curb appeal from a new roof is extremely helpful for people who are looking to sell their home. But there are still benefits to a new roof for people who intend to live in their homes for decades. You can add equity to the house by adding a metal roof or a high-quality asphalt roof. 

The Cost of a New Roof

Adding a new roof can be costly. But trusting a local expert like Eagle Roofers is one way to pay an affordable price because the job is done right the first time. A top-notch roofing company like Eagle Watch also has more high-quality materials and designs that they can offer homeowners. There are many ways to meet your budget and get the greatest value out of the money you invest in your roof.

Adding the right new roof to a home adds charm and character. The upgraded appearance enhances the look and worth of the house and the surrounding neighborhood. A new roof also protects the house for decades. When an expert like Eagle Watch Roofers does the job, homeowners will not have to worry about leaks and issue after frustrating issue. 

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have become a new favorite for many homeowners. The added durability and the proliferation of roof designs make metal roofing more and more attractive.

There are several styles of metal roofs to choose from. Options like corrugated, standing seam, and metal shingle roofs can create a variety of looks. With so many choices, there is a style of metal roof that fits into any style of home. For example, an imitation cedar shake roof is perfect for cabins and mountain homes. Standing seam roofs look great on modern homes and more traditional ranch houses and bungalows. Corrugated metal roofing, once relegated to industrial or agricultural structures, is making a splash in some new designer homes. With the right design, a metal roof can be a significant value-add to any home.

Eagle Watch Roofing can help homeowners add thousands of dollars of value to a home. Our experts are poised to help residents find a roofing style that meets their needs and budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.