For the most part, when a hail storm blows through your neighborhood you are going to come in contact with hail particles the size of a penny or smaller. This tends not to worry homeowners as much as say, baseball sized hail. Many homeowners think that because they cannot see any physical damage to their roofs from smaller hail, then the damage must not exist. Unfortunately, there are many cases where this simply is not true. In this article roofing in Newnan, GA will show you just how damaging hail can be- from the smallest particle to the largest.

Large Hail

When hail hits your home the most obvious damage is going to be caused by larger sized hail which can leave gaping holes in your roof which will allow all external elements to enter the home. This damage is visible and will immediately call to action any party who has been a victim to the storm.

Small Hail

What may not be as quite noticeable, though, is what the small hail storm is doing. When small pings of hail hit your roof they can leave tiny dents in the shingles that may be difficult or impossible to see from a distance. Although they may go undetected now, if left to endure natures elements, these dents can cause serious damage to the home.

Ceramic Granules

This is the rough material on top of asphalt shingles. This material protects the asphalt underneath by blocking out UV rays from the sun so that the asphalt does not crack or wear. When even the smallest hail hits this material, it can cause the ceramic granules to fall off exposing the asphalt underneath to all sorts of weather. This includes UV rays. Continual exposure to these and other weather conditions can cause your roof to erode, leaving large holes where water can leak through to your home.