Tornados can be one of nature’s most destructive forces. They can uproot trees, level houses and throw objects through the air. Tornado damage to houses and structures can be severe. Siding can be ripped off homes and shingles can be torn of off roofs. To be prepared for any damage to your roof, it’s a smart idea to have the name and phone number of a company that does roofing in Newnan GA ready. The following tips can help you get ready for Tornado Season.

• Identify a safe space in your home where your family can meet
during a storm. This should be a basement or a ground floor room
in the center of your home.
• Have all trees near your home trimmed regularly so damaged limbs
don’t fall on your home.
• Before tornado season, review your homeowner’s insurance to ensure
that you have adequate coverage.
• Listen to local news to learn about upcoming storms. Have a
battery operated radio and fresh batteries available, in case
there’s a power outage.
• Keep your cell phone with you and keep it charged up in case
of emergency.
• Keep several flashlights and extra batteries in a central
location in your home so they can be quickly located.
• If you know a storm is coming, put on sensible shoes. If a
tornado does touch down near you, there will be lots of broken
glass and other hazards on the ground. If you are barefoot or
in sandals, you risk injuring your foot, or worse.
• Keep your car filled with gas. If you do have to evacuate or
leave your home after a storm, you won’t have to worry about
finding an open gas station.
• Keep a phone list of emergency contacts, local emergency
shelters, home repair contractors and companies that do roofing in Newnan GA with you.

These tips will help you be prepared for tornado season. They will help you be able to keep your family safe during a tornado or severe storm.