Many home and business owners believe incorrectly that they can wait to hire a professional roofer to repair a problem. Then, after waiting too long, they are faced with a disastrous situation that requires emergency roof service. What most property owners fail to realize is that their roof problems were likely emergencies long before the disasters that prompted them to get professional help.

Emergencies Vs. Disasters

It’s obvious that roof collapse and heavy leaking are both emergencies and disasters. The problem is that most home and business owners don’t recognize non-disaster emergency situations, such as:

– Missing Shingles
– Small Leaks
– Mild Rotting
– Fallen Debris
– Warping/Buckling
– Mold Growth

The Importance of Immediate Repair

You might think that non-disaster roof problems can wait for repair, but any problem that appears mild on the surface can create a disaster at any moment:

– Missing shingles can cause water to pool underneath nearby shingles or seep through unsealed areas to the attic and walls below the roof.
– Small leaks can quickly become much larger if they are the result of old and/or worn roofing materials.
– Mild rotting can also lead to flooding and even roof collapse. In fact, roof rot can actually exist throughout a roof even with only a small amount appearing on the surface.
– Fallen debris is often a sign of roof rot.
– Warping and buckling can create cracks and holes. A strong wind can also easily rip away a warped or buckled roof.
– Surface mold growth is often a sign of hidden growth that has spread into the building. Even if it is only a surface problem, a single rainstorm can result in rapid growth.

These are only a few reasons why you should never wait to get emergency roof service. Peachtree City is ready to help. Call us today to schedule an appointment.