Property owners should always pay attention to the importance of treating roofing emergencies.

A roofing emergency that isn’t treated right away can lead to many more severe issues.

Roofing problems don’t go away; they grow. And if you don’t do something, you could compromise the safety of your family and your home.

Unattended roofing problems can also escalate to cause extensive damage to the interior of your home.

Preemptively contacting an emergency roofing service can prevent critical damages to your home.

Immediate action is necessary before more unforeseen problems occur.

Causes and Dangers of Roofing Emergencies [infographic]

What Causes Roofing Emergencies?

When you think about roof damage, you probably imagine emergencies caused by a fallen tree, natural disaster, aging, and other typical factors.

However, there are other things to consider. Homeowners should be aware of these additional types of damage:

  • Damage caused by animals, such as birds, rodents, insects, and bats. Insects and other living creatures can infest vulnerable areas in your roof. Gnawing rodents and nesting birds can rip up insulation, expose wires, and fill your spaces with dangerous animal waste. Some rodents and insects can also eat away at the materials of your home to build nests or as food.
  • A roof that is exposed to extreme climate conditions should be inspected regularly. Temperature extremes, freeze-thaw cycles, heavy winds, and hailstorms can all cause roof emergencies. The damage can be hard to spot. Often the damage from individual events is very subtle, but the cumulative damage they cause can lead to severe roof problems.
  • Flat roofs are susceptible to unique problems. Ponding is one of the most common issues with flat roofs. If a roof drainage system is blocked or damaged, stagnant water can quickly compromise and weaken the roof’s surface.

Catch Problems Early

These issues can quickly escalate if a strong storm or falling object hits a compromised section of your roof.

An unmaintained roof lacks the support or protection necessary to absorb smaller damages.

However, a well-maintained roof can be the difference between a secure interior and a serious emergency.

When a serious natural disaster—like an earthquake, a tornado, or any other severe storm—hits your roof, a well-maintained roof is less likely to suffer an emergency.

A well-maintained roof results in greater safety for you and your family and will also prevent additional and potentially costly issues from occurring.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a few years or suspect damage, contact Eagle Watch Roofing, your local emergency roof service.

We can help at any time, so call us before a problem gets out of hand.


In conclusion, the significance of addressing roofing emergencies promptly cannot be overstated.

Neglecting roofing issues may lead to more severe problems, compromising the safety of your family and the integrity of your home.

Roofing problems, whether caused by natural disasters, aging, or unexpected factors like animal damage, demand immediate attention.

Unattended issues can escalate, causing extensive damage to the interior of your home.

Engaging the services of an emergency roofing professional is a proactive approach to preventing critical damages and maintaining the security of your home.

Remember, roofing problems don’t vanish—they grow.

Act swiftly to safeguard your property and loved ones.

Roofing Emergencies


How do animals contribute to roofing emergencies?

Animals, including birds, rodents, insects, and bats, can cause damage by infesting vulnerable areas in the roof.

What types of damage can rodents and birds cause to a roof?

Gnawing rodents and nesting birds can rip up insulation, expose wires, and leave dangerous waste.

What climate conditions contribute to roofing emergencies?

Extreme temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles, heavy winds, and hailstorms can lead to roof emergencies.

What issues are specific to flat roofs?

Flat roofs may face problems like ponding, especially if the drainage system is blocked or damaged.

How can cumulative damage from subtle events lead to severe roof problems?

Individual events may cause subtle damage, but their cumulative effect can result in significant roof issues.

Why is it essential to catch roofing problems early?

Early detection allows for timely repairs, preventing issues from escalating during storms or accidents.

How can a well-maintained roof withstand natural disasters better?

A well-maintained roof provides the necessary support and protection to resist damage during severe weather events.

What role does roof maintenance play in preventing emergencies?

Regular roof inspections and maintenance can identify and address potential issues before they become emergencies.

How often should a roof be inspected to ensure it is well-maintained?

Regular inspections every few years, or after suspected damage, are crucial for maintaining a well-kept roof.

Why is stagnant water a problem for flat roofs?

Stagnant water, caused by blocked or damaged drainage, can compromise and weaken the surface of flat roofs.

How does a well-maintained roof contribute to the safety of a home?

A well-maintained roof enhances the overall safety of the home by preventing structural issues and damage.

Can a roof suffer emergencies even without visible external damage?

Yes, subtle damage from various factors may not be immediately visible but can lead to emergencies over time.

What steps should be taken during a roofing emergency?

Contacting a local emergency roof service, such as Eagle Watch Roofing, is crucial during a roofing emergency.

Why is it recommended to contact a professional emergency roof service?

Professional services have the expertise and tools to address emergencies promptly and effectively.

How can Eagle Watch Roofing assist in preventing roofing emergencies?

Eagle Watch Roofing offers local emergency roof services, ensuring timely intervention to prevent problems from escalating.