When a hailstorm has just moved through your area, it makes sense to wonder about possible damage to your roof. In most cases, small hailstones won’t damage a well-maintained rooftop. Shingles are meant to take on the forces of weather and protect a home for decades at a time. But some hail can still hurt your roof. Here’s a quick look at when you are safe and when you should call a roofing contractor to inspect your property.

Hail Size Matters

Hail comes in all shapes and sizes, and most of it is relatively small. Typically, pea-sized hail doesn’t have enough force to damage your roof. But if you notice icy chunks measuring three-quarters of an inch in diameter or larger, that kind of hail can hurt your roof, so it’s best to contact a roofer for a full inspection. Hail that is one-inch in diameter or more can inflict significant damage to asphalt shingles. So if the hail was that large, you almost certainly have some damage to your roof. The hail’s striking angle and average falling speed make a big difference too. Hail storms are complex natural phenomena, and it’s hard to predict the damage from a particular storm. Unless the hail was very small, it usually makes sense to get your roof checked out.

Can Hail Hurt My Roof [infographic]

Determining the Extent of the Damage

Your local roofer needs to verify if the hail damage warrants repairs or a full roof replacement. Some hail strikes create dents in your shingles. These indentations don’t compromise the roof’s watertight structure. However, if the hail has knocked the protective gravel coating off even part of a shingle, that shingle is exposed to damage from the sun. This kind of damage is hard to spot, and it takes an experienced roofer to determine which shingles need replacement. Hail that impacts with enough force to crack your shingles is rare. But if your roofer notices cracked shingles, it is urgent to replace them. If cracked shingles remain on the roof, leaks can quickly occur inside the home.

Professional Inspection Practices

Reputable roofers will venture onto the rooftop and walk its entire surface to inspect it for hail damage. And most roofers will take photos so that they can show you the damage. If a roofer just takes a look at your roof from a ladder and offers you an immediate estimate, beware of a possible scam. This inspection strategy isn’t very thorough, and it might cost you in unnecessary repairs.

Creating a relationship with Eagle Watch Roofing is the best way to stay informed of your roof’s health. Ideally, ask for one or two inspections each year. You can also call us when you’re concerned about a recent weather event like a hail or wind storm. When you partner with a reputable roofing company, your roof will have the care it needs for long-term structural health. Contact Eagle Watch Roofing today to learn how you can benefit from a free, no-obligation roof inspection.