Hail can be incredibly destructive to property, and the roof is one of the most vulnerable places for that damage to occur. The damage can be minor or major, depending on the intensity of the hail and the type of roof you have. But when you need an expert, call a professional for roofing in Newnan, Ga.


• Asphalt and Composition Shingles will show hail hit marks that are dark and not in a consistent pattern. Repair may be needed for loss of granules that exposes the roof felt.
• Wood Shingles can split from hail damage, and the splits can occur even in shingles with no deterioration along the edges. Check for dents along the splits that can weaken the shingles further.
• Aluminum roofing is extremely resistant to structural hail damage, and one of the great benefits of using metal for roofing is that it stays resistant to hail for many years, unlike other materials that get soft or brittle with age. So if you do observe serious damage (seams that have opened or trim or flashings that have broken away from the structure), it is time to call a roofing professional in Newnan, GA, for a professional evaluation.

Weather, Hail and Barriers

Whether the hailstones are tiny or baseball-sized they can cause problems. So while it seems obvious that large heavy hailstones cause more severe damage, almost all hailstones have rough edges, so don’t ignore the damage from smaller hailstones.

Changes in wind speed and patterns impact on the severity of the hailstone damage.

Nearby structures, wind barriers and fences can all diminish the damage that hail can cause.

If you have been hit by a hailstorm and are worried about the roof damage you may have sustained, call on the experts in roofing in Newnan Ga, Eagle Watch Roofing, for a consultation. It’s the first step towards ensuring a professional job done right.