Unless your home in Newnan GA has a flat roof, the surface of your roof is clearly visible from the street. If your home has an older roof that is showing signs of age or is covered with moss, your home’s curb appeal may be in question and your prospects for selling your home may diminish.

The requirements for a prospective home buyer’s new mortgage may include a serviceable roof; a roof that appears to be failing or compromised may create difficulties with the sale of your home. It may be time to bring roofing contractors in to assist you with improving the look and serviceable life of your roof.

Roofing is exposed to many weather extremes, and roofing materials take a beating from a variety of weather events, such as:

• Wind
• Rain
• Sun
• Snow

Weather events that cause extreme heat or moisture contribute to the breakdown of roofing materials and allow cracks and damage to occur. Roofing materials are also at the mercy of organic materials such as:

• Moss
• Leaves
• Conifer needles
• Algae stains

If left on the roof, these materials can collect moisture and cause the roof to age and decay. Moss can grow on the roof, and the roots can undermine normal roofing materials – causing them to leak. Additionally, the look of moss or algae growth on the roof can cause unsightly staining and the look of a poorly maintained house which can be unappealing for new home buyers in Newnan GA.

The Benefits of Installing a New Roof

A new roof will ensure that the roof enhances the curb appeal of your home and meets all the requirements for a purchaser’s mortgage and financing needs. Your roofing contractors will help you to choose contemporary roofing materials that offer modern colors, style and architectural designs that enhance the look of your home and give it excellent curb appeal.