Does your home just blend into the neighborhood? Have you planted flowers, polished the windows and freshened the paint but find your house remains just another neat, well-maintained part of its surroundings? What you need is something to spice up the curb appeal of your biggest investment. A great way to achieve that is to call your local roofing contractor for help as professionals tell us that a roof can account for 40% of a home’s curb appeal.

Roofs are an often-overlooked opportunity to bring about dramatic change in the initial impression your house makes on visitors and passersby. Because your home’s roof is often an out-of-sight out-of-mind element, homeowners often fail to realize the possibilities it offers. An interesting, attractive feature at the top of your house can change the structure’s overall look. Ignoring it is like shining your shoes, pressing your suit, but failing to comb your hair!

The most impact can be achieved through directing your attention to three aspects of your roof.

  • Color
  • Materials
  • Architectural design

Color is a key to creating a harmonious impression through complementing the exterior palette of your house. Color and material go hand in hand, as the tints are a part of the roofing product, not a coating after installation. A wide variety of information about color choice is available on the internet, and your local roofing contractor in Newnan, GA can provide more customized guidance.

Architectural tiles can change the profile of your roof with their multi-dimensional thickness or an architect can be engaged to add windowed dormers or extended eaves, resulting in dramatic new looks. The best way to spruce up the curb appeal through roofing modifications or enhancements is to consult with your local roofing contractor in Newnan, GA for a comprehensive professional project.