Having a roof over your head keeps you safe from the winter elements, but the winter weather does not let the roof off unscathed. Winter is the roughest time of the year for roofs, and they can be affected greatly by the snow, ice and cold. Here is a closer look at how winter weather can impact your roof in Newnan, GA.

Fierce Winds

Companies that do roofing in Newnan get calls for lots of repairs to shingles each spring. The damage they repair is often caused by the blustery winds that blow each winter. The intense strength of winter winds can loosen or even completely tear off shingles. The winter wind is also hard on the flashing, ridges and rakes of the roof.

Problems with Ice

Ice is one of a roof’s greatest enemies. Ice dams can form along the eaves off the house, which can prevent water from draining properly through the gutters. When these ice dams form on your roof, it can trap water in place all winter. This water will constantly thaw and refreeze, leading to a vicious cycle that can cause a lot of damage to your roofing materials. This damage can eventually lead to leaks in your roof, which can cause interior damage to your home. Leaking water can also lead to mold formation inside your house.

Snow Issues

While snow isn’t a big problem most winters in Newnan, GA, even a little snow can be tough on a roof. The snow is like a teammate of the ice and wind. When they combine forces, they can do a lot of damage to your roof.

Winter weather is not something to mess around with. It is a good idea to get your roof inspected by a company specializing in roofing in Newnan. Your local roofing company is here to help keep your roof safe from winter weather and repair any damage that occurs next spring.