The winter season is one of the most damaging times of the year on residential properties. It’s important to protect your roof and prepare it for the harsh weather to prevent water damage from occurring. To ensure that your roof remains durable and intact, there are a few important steps to take with a roofing Newnan, GA professional.

Replace Missing Roofing Materials

Hire a roofer to look for missing tiles or shingles that are present on the home where the roof deck is exposed. The professional will replace the materials and will also apply roofing cement to secure materials that may be loose. This will prevent leaks from developing due to a lack of protecting on the structure.

Cut Back Tree Branches

Residential roofs are often damaged during the winter season due to tree branches that puncture the structure in the middle of storms or on a windy day. Cut back the tree branches to protect the building, which will also prevent critters or small animals from having access to the roof and finding shelter on it in cold weather.

Circulate Air in the Attic

It’s important to keep cool air circulating in the attic with vents or fans that are installed, which will prevent rain or snow from freezing on top of the home with ice dams that develop. Ice dams are known to damage the roofing materials and even rip them off of the building. You can also hire a roofing Newnan professional to remove excess ice that has formed on the home with a roof rake.

If your roof has any issues or problems develop during the winter season, it’s important to consult the services of a local roofer in Newnan, GA. You can hire a professional who is ready to help to protect the interior of your property and reduce the risk of water damage.