Fall can bring varying types of weather with strong winds and heavy rains that can wreak havoc on the roof of a home. To prepare for this weather, there are some steps to take to minimize the potential damages to the home. The following steps can help protect your roof and prevent and damages that may come from inclement weather that often occurs during the autumn season. Any roofing problems can be mitigated by a contractor experienced in roofing Newnan, GA.

Clean the Gutters
Be sure to remove all leaves and debris from gutters before the fall season when the leaves begin to fall again. Stopped up gutters can lead to the pooling of water near the roofs edge and if the temperature goes below freezing, ice can damage the roof and the gutters. Leaves and debris that collect in gutters also encourage the presence of insects that may damage the roof and structure below.

Maintain Landscaping
When you’re preparing for the fall season and the unpredictable weather, it’s important to consider the bushes, shrubs and trees near the home. Some basic seasonal maintenance can ensure that they don’t cause any damage during the cooler weather. The following are some important steps to take to care for the foliage in your yard.

Trim trees, especially branches over the roof and near windows
Prune shrubs near the structure of the home
Have any dead limbs or bushes removed

If you have any missing or damaged shingles on your roof this is the time to repair them. If you find that you have some roof problems, your local contractor that specializes in roofing Newnan, GA can help prevent any further problems. It’s much easier to repair the roof before a problem occurs than to wait until you experience a leak and require an emergency repair.