Roofing damage is fairly common, and roofing in Newnan, GA, is a high risk due heavy storms and varying weather throughout the year. However, homeowners sometimes delay contacting experts, thinking that roof damage might not be urgent. Here are a few facts about roof damage and when it becomes urgent to repair quickly.

Water Encroachment

Roofs keep a home dry, and damage can cause water to enter a home. While gaping holes are obviously in need of quick repair, seemingly minor damage can lead to big problems as well, as water can seep into small areas and enter the home. These small problems can cause rot, and even a tiny amount of water in an attic can lead to significant repair costs.

Structural Weaknesses

Roofs don’t just sit on top of homes; they also help keep the home stable. Even if a roofing issues doesn’t cause water issues, it weakens the home and can cause structural issues, particular in states such as GA where strong storms are common. Hiring roofing in Newnan experts can help homeowners ensure that their homes are able to withstand strong winds.

Heating and Cooling Costs

The costs of avoiding roofing repairs are higher than many homeowners realize. Most homes in GA require heating or cooling during much of the year, and even a small hole in a roof can cause these bills to rise significantly, as attics play an essential role in regulating a home’s temperature and humidity level. In addition, roofing damage might also damage a home’s insulation, which causes bills to rise even more. Prompt roof repairs help homeowners keep their heating and cooling bills more manageable.

It can be tempting to simply patch up roof damage and delay repairs, but doing so might lead to far more expensive problems down the road. Addressing roofing issues in a prompt manner ultimately leads to lower costs and better safety.