Gutters are essential to the proper maintenance and care of your home. Without them, water can extensively damage your foundation and landscaping. With the right care and maintenance, gutters can last for years. However, when they begin leaking and are no longer preventing water damage it, might be time to call a roofing contractor to replace your gutters.

Watch for Damage

A sure sign that your gutters are in need of replacement are leaks, cracks, and signs of water damage around your home. A leaking gutter will often leave a water impression in the ground. This causes the water to either collect against the foundation or run towards the foundation. In both cases, the water can damage the foundation weakening the structure of your house.

Know Your Materials

Gutters made of low-quality materials will need to be replaced more often. Watch for rust, leaks, and detachment from the roof. When you replace your gutters, look for high-quality materials that will last. Gutters can be made of aluminum, galvanized metal, wood, plastic, or copper. Galvanized steel is the least expensive but it is not as durable as other choices such as aluminum which has the added benefit being rust resistant.

Weather Conditions

If you live in a location that experiences frequent storms your gutters are going to wear out faster than in places that receive little rain. You will need to check more frequently for leaks and other signs of wear. Once you start to notice any holes or areas that sag, you can either call for repairs or, if the damage is extensive, replace your gutters.

Proper Maintenance

As you regularly maintain your gutters, you’ll be able to recognize the signs of wear. It is best to get your gutters replaced before the water has damaged any other parts of your home. When your roof or gutters need replacing or repair, contact your local roofing contractor in Newnan, GA.