Fall Storms and Your RoofThe time to think about the strength of your roofing is during the calm before the storm. Severe storms, including hurricane force winds, are often typical fall weather in the South. These storms are frequently the cause of damage to roofing in Newnan, GA. However, residents know that storm damage can be minimized by keeping their roofs in good repair.

• Strong winds can work their way underneath any area of the roof that isn’t properly secured. Edges and corners are the most susceptible, allowing winds to create an uplift effect that can peel off shingles, rip loose roofing materials, and even compromise the underlying roof deck. To prevent this, most roof shingles are resistant to winds up to 60 mph, though some rate higher. But gale force winds can compromise the integrity of any roof. In addition to being unsightly, wind damage can also pave the way for water damage.

• Heavy rains can easily force water into the cracks and gaps on your roof that the wind has opened up. When gutters lack adequate water flow, water can also back up onto the roof and collect in pools. This water then works its way into the structure of your home where it weakens and rots wood, causing damage to the frame of your home. If areas of leakage are not repaired, over time mold and mildew can also develop, creating a health hazard for your family that will be even more difficult to fix.

Pre- and post-storm inspections are a good step toward proper roofing maintenance. Once you suspect weather or wind damage, it’s best to have the roof looked at and repaired as quickly as possible. As homeowners consider the condition of their roofing in Newnan, GA in preparation for the fall, they’ll find that a solid, well-maintained roof provides the best frontline protection for their families when the storms come.