Bad roofers are abundant regardless of what part of the country you’re residing in. Bad contractors will lead you to believe that their services are great despite their lack of professionalism. Even well-meaning companies can provide poor work and inflated costs. Below are several things that are indicative of a bad roofer.

Poor Quality

A bad roofing contractor will cut corners wherever they can to save money and increase profits at the expense of the client. An insufficient contractor may be sloppy with their work and leave your roof looking unfinished or awkward. Bad workmanship may present itself as:

  • Crooked shingles
  • Uneven roofing
  • Mismatched shingles or roofing
  • Curvature in an otherwise flat roof

Underlayment Problems

A bad roofer may to forget to place underlayment in certain areas, or they may fail to place underlayment altogether. Underlayment is a protective sheath that is placed under your shingles and drip edge. This material protects your roof from leaks, mold, and rot. If you notice a leak in your roof shortly after having your roof repaired, you may have had an inexperienced roofer fail to place the underlayment on your roof.

No Drip Edge

A quality roofing contractor will know to install a drip edge when replacing a roof. Drip edges are especially important in areas with a lot of rain or snow as they help water and moisture move away from the roof and down the gutter. Poor installment of drip edges may allow water to seep in at the edges of your home and damage the interior walls.

If you’ve ever experienced any of the problems above, or know someone who has, it’s time to get a new roofer. Trying to fix a roof on your home can be tough job, but a quality, local roofer in Newnan, GA is right around the corner to help you get the job done.