Winter weather can lead to rooftop damage on commercial or residential structures. Our roofing in Newnan, Ga., technicians can inspect a building’s rooftop after a storm to make repairs for these types of problems:

• Wind damage
• Moisture damage
• Structural damage

A winter storm can cause serious damage to a new or older roof, and to prevent secondary problems, it is imperative to contact a professional roofing contractor right away.

1: Wind Damage

If a hailstorm passes through our region, then it can have high winds along with small to large chunks of ice that can tear away a rooftop’s shingles or underlying materials. When you fail to have a professional roofing inspection right away, then additional damage can occur from moisture leaks. In many cases, only tiny amounts of moisture will enter a rooftop, but over several weeks, it can lead to rotting wooden materials, moldy insulation and damaged electrical wiring.

2: Structural Damage

In addition to storm damage and secondary problems with a building’s roof, the heavy weight of ice and snow can ruin a building’s structural components. If you have a home or business with a poorly designed roof, then the snow and ice is less likely to slide from the surface. When ice or snow doesn’t melt between storms, it builds up steadily, creating hundreds of additional pounds of pressure on a building’s roof.

3: Moisture Damage

Slow moisture damage from winter storms can also lead to problems inside your home or business, including ugly stains on ceilings from dripping water. A slow leak from a roof will damage a building’s electrical wiring and insulation. In addition, the moisture from slow leaks will lead to mold growth inside the walls and the ceiling. Contact our roofing in Newnan, Ga., company today to learn more about repairing winter storm roof damage on residential or commercial buildings.