Your roof is the capstone to your home. A quality roof provides protection from the wind, hail, and rain storms of the fall season. In preparation for fall, it is important to evaluate your roof and ensure that everything is still sealed correctly before issues arise, causing more damage. If you notice any potential issues from prior storms, it is important to contact a local roofer for all roofing Newnan, GA needs.


In the fall season, storms blow in and out quickly in Newnan, GA. These heavy wind gusts can do some serious damage to your roof. The wind can lift the shingles up and pull them up, exposing the unprotected area below. Once this under area is exposed, other weather such as rain and hail can easily damage the roof.


Fall storms can come in quickly and leave even faster. They can bring heavy rains in a very short period of time which can wreak havoc on your roof. Local roofers know that roofing Newnan requires very accurate work to ensure that homes are adequately protected from these heavy rains. If rain water gets under the shingles, it can cause the under sheeting to bubble, break, and leak. Once this happens, it is incredibly expensive to replace and fix.


Hail comes in a variety of sizes. Once hail reaches the larger diameters, it can do significant damage to a roof in a very short time period. Hail can damage everything from the shingles to the sheeting. It is critical to inspect your roof after any hail storm. If you notice granules in your gutters, it means there has been damage to your roof. Call a local roofer to inspect your roof for further damage.

These three types of fall weather can be very harmful to your roof. If you experience any of these storms, be sure to contact local roofer Eagle Watch Roofing to conduct an inspection of your roof for any damage or potential damage areas.