As a Georgia homeowner, you’re likely already aware of the importance for great home cooling and heating during the summer and winter.

However, you might not be current on the practical necessity and benefits for ventilating your home as well as your roofing system. In order to fully realize the benefits of great ventilation, and ways to ensure your roof and home are getting enough fresh airflow, keep reading.

Why Ventilate Your Roofing System and Home?

Almost all home and roofing efficiency issues are a result of improper or poor attic ventilation. For starters, poor airflow frequently contributes to significantly higher energy bills during the summer, which is when hot air in your attic transfers to your home’s living spaces.

Overly hot attics can also lead to splitting and damaging of timber and other materials used on your roof’s structure. On the other hand, during the winter months, proper attic airflow is necessary when it comes to stabilizing attic temperature with the temperature outdoors.

If your attic temperature happens to be above the freezing mark (when the temperatures outdoors are below freezing), possible snow on your roof will melt and refreeze at the eaves.

These are what is called ice dams, and can cause significant damage to your roof and gutters.

Installing Roof Ventilation Features

In addition to proper airflow in your attic, an experienced and professional roofing contractor in Newnan, Georgia knows that you also need to adequately insulate and seal your attic in order to completely separate your conditioned spaces from attic air.

Sealing air leaks with caulk, spray-in foam, and weatherstripping will prevent air movement. Insulating to R-60 — which is what is suggested by the federal Energy Star program — helps to block the heat transfer between your living and attic spaces, as well.

Additionally, your contractor should thoroughly discuss attic ventilating features, in order to provide your attic with proper free airflow.

Ridge vents:

Ridge vents effectively allow the natural airflow underneath your roof deck, which, in turn, helps to prevent moisture buildup and overheating.

Roof vents:

Roof vents allow moist and hot attic air to escape, which aids in preventing premature aging and damage to your roofing system.

Intake vents:

Intake vents encourage natural air movement into your attic, and should be clear of obstructions, such as nests, insulation, and leaves.

Mechanical fans:

If your attic needs mechanical ventilating fans in order to provide the proper ventilation in addition to natural airflow, be sure to contact your roofing contractor. Solar-powered fans are also available and can significantly reduce your energy costs, as well.

Ensuring Perfect Roof Ventilation in Newnan, Georgia

If you want all of the benefits proper attic ventilation can provide, contact the best roofing contractor in Newnan, Georgia for the job.

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