Roof replacement or new roof installation can be a costly affair that can wipe your bank account clean. If you don’t have the money, the project risks stalling, and it’s best to have an alternative funding method.

Insurance is the most convenient way of financing your roof installation. However, only some homeowners are eligible for insurance coverage. And even for qualified people, it doesn’t mean you can get it right after you ask for it. There’s a whole process and procedure! Here’s how to get insurance to pay for your new roof in 2024.

Understanding Your Insurance Policy

Your homeowners’ insurance covers losses and damages to your home and everything in it. Or on it! That includes your roof. The coverage amount depends on your policy type, property value, deductible, and liability limits.

The insurance typically does not cover losses from natural disasters like floods or earthquakes and also doesn’t cover your car. You must buy coverage for these items in a separate policy. Your homeowners’ insurance usually covers the following:

  • Contents in your home and your personal belongings
  • Property damage to your home and detached buildings
  • Protects you from a lawsuit or claim when someone is injured within your property
  • The costs of living in a hotel or somewhere when your house is uninhabitable

How to File a Claim for Roof Replacement

Filing a claim is not as challenging as it sounds if you have the right roofing contractor to help you negotiate with your insurer. However, it usually takes a while for your claim to be approved. Here’s how to file a claim for roof replacement.

  1. Find the Right Roofing Contractor

States like Georgia require certification for roofing companies to accept your claim. To make your work easier, find a local, licensed roofing contractor to save you the hustle. Eagle Watch Roofing is a Georgia-based roofing company that will get everything done and ensure that your claim for roof replacement succeeds.

     2. Assess Your Roof Damage

Get up to your roof and run your eyes over it. How bad is the damage? If it’s risky for you to climb to the roof because of safety, call your roofing company to come and assess the damage on your behalf. They will give you a detailed report of the issue and what needs fixing. They’ll also use the findings to discuss your claim with your insurance company.

3. Find Out What Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

Before filing a claim, it’s best to understand your rights with the insurance plan. Check the files to see whether roof damage is covered in the contract. If not, unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for roof replacement. Take note of details, including what insurance covers.

    4. Make Temporary Fixes

Temporary repairs will protect your roof from further damage and make your home habitable for the time being. Ask your roofing contractor to do it. Save the receipts and ensure your contractor includes the fixes in the report.

     5. File Your Claim

Armed with the report of your roof damage and aware that your insurance covers roof damage, liaise with your insurance agent to file a claim. Make sure all the crucial information is included. Mention everything, including the extent of the damage. If your family has to move to a hotel while workers repair the damage, include that too.

How to get insurance to pay for a new roof.

 6. Meet the Insurance Adjuster

An insurance adjuster will visit to assess the damage on behalf of the insurance company. Make sure your roof contractor is there. They’ll have your needs at heart and discuss the repair costs with your adjuster.

Tips to Work with Your Insurance Company for a Roof Claim

When a storm causes damage to your roof, it will require replacement. A roof claim will ensure you don’t pay much for your roof replacement. Here are some tips to help you work with your insurance company.

Read your insurance policy: Read the contract and understand your deductible, which is the money you’ll spend before the insurance company takes over.

Know what’s covered: In most cases, the insurer covers damages from natural disasters you have no control over, like storms and high winds.

Maintain your roof: If the insurer discovers you did not maintain the roof well before the damage, they might deny your claim, forcing you to go the more legally arduous way.

File your claim on time: Do your best to get a claim as soon as possible. Delays tend to cause further damage, and the insurer considers it intentional.

Make a Roof Insurance Claim for Repair or Replacement

Roof repairs can be stressful, not just because of the costs involved but also how it affects your living. Your home typically becomes inhabitable when under repair. Making a roof insurance claim for repair and replacement is your only sure way of minimizing the hustle of replacing your roof.

Get a New Roof for Your Home Today!

Hopefully, your insurance claim has been accepted! Your next step would be hiring the best roofing company in Georgia to reroof your home. Eagle Watch Roofing is the company to trust with high quality and timely roofing. We’ll be expecting a call from you!


In conclusion, financing a roof replacement or new roof installation can be a significant financial undertaking. Insurance is a convenient method for funding, but eligibility and the approval process must be navigated carefully. Understanding your homeowners’ insurance policy is crucial, and filing a claim for roof replacement involves several steps, from finding the right roofing contractor to meeting with an insurance adjuster.

Eagle Watch Roofing, a certified Georgia-based roofing company, can simplify the process, ensuring a successful roof replacement claim. Temporary fixes may be necessary to protect your roof while awaiting approval. It’s essential to work collaboratively with your insurance company, keeping in mind factors such as deductibles, coverage, and maintenance responsibilities.

The tips provided:

  • Offer guidance on working with your insurance company for a roof claim.
  • Emphasizing the importance of reading your policy.
  • Knowing what’s covered.
  • Maintaining your roof.
  • Filing claims promptly.
  • Understanding the nuances of the insurance process.

Making a roof insurance claim for repair or replacement is a crucial step to minimize the stress and financial burden associated with roof repairs. If your claim is accepted, the next step is selecting a reputable roofing company like Eagle Watch Roofing for a high-quality and timely roof replacement.


Does homeowners’ insurance cover roof damage?

Yes, homeowners’ insurance typically covers roof damage caused by events such as storms, high winds, and other perils. However, coverage may vary based on policy details, and it’s essential to understand the terms and conditions.

Why is it essential to find a certified roofing contractor?

States like Georgia may require certification for roofing companies to accept claims. A certified contractor, such as Eagle Watch Roofing, ensures compliance with regulations, increasing the likelihood of a successful roof replacement claim.

What steps are involved in filing a roof replacement claim?

Steps include finding the right roofing contractor, assessing roof damage, understanding your insurance coverage, making temporary fixes, filing the claim, and meeting with an insurance adjuster. Collaboration with professionals, like Eagle Watch Roofing, can streamline the process.

Can delays in filing a claim impact the outcome?

Yes, delays in filing a claim may cause further damage, and insurance companies may consider it intentional. It’s advisable to file a claim as soon as possible after discovering roof damage.

What role does maintenance play in a roof insurance claim?

Maintaining your roof is crucial for a successful insurance claim. Neglecting proper maintenance may lead to claim denial, and insurers may expect homeowners to take reasonable care of their property.

How can homeowners ensure their roof insurance claim is accepted?

Reading the insurance policy, understanding coverage, maintaining the roof, filing claims promptly, and collaborating with a reputable roofing company, such as Eagle Watch Roofing, can increase the chances of a successful roof insurance claim.