Although new roofs should last many years, there may be problems that unexpectedly arise during the life of your roof that requires immediate attention from an expert roofing Newnan, GA business. How will you know whether roof repair is urgent? In short, you will need urgent repairs if your roofing system has been compromised and the damage to the roof is threatening the interior of your house.

Has there been a recent severe weather event?

Strong winds and storms in GA can cause damage to a roof by tossing objects that can pierce a roof, causing nearby tree limbs (or even trees!) to topple onto a roof, or causing hail damage from severe weather. If the interior of your home is exposed to rain and outside elements, you will need emergency roof repair services to stop further damage and make repairs.

Have you noticed animal activity on your roof?

Animals can cause damage by chewing through weak spots or crawling under damaged tiles. It is important to have your roof checked if you suspect roof damage from raccoons and squirrels. Roof damage can allow other critters to get into the structure of the home and even cause extensive damage to wiring.

Is your roof aging?

If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage due to weak spots and missing roof materials, you may need urgent roof repair done, especially if you are expecting upcoming weather to possibly cause damage. Missing roofing materials and other slight damage may be a factor in how well the roof holds up if severe weather comes through the area.

Our homes need regular maintenance and although it serves a crucial function in a home, we sometimes forget about the roof over our very heads. The professionals in roofing Newnan encourage you to keep your roof well maintained so that it can continue to do its very important job. If you suspect a problem with your roof, your local roofer at Eagle Watch Roofing in Newnan, GA is ready to help!