Types of Roofing Repairs

When strong winds rip away the shingles from a building’s rooftop, it is time to hire a professional roofing contractor in Newnan Ga. Knowledgeable roofers can perform several types of roofing repairs to a structure, including:

• Replacing materials damaged by moisture
• Fixing holes created by hailstones
• Repairing the soffit on a building’s overhangs
• Replacing the fascia that connects walls to a roof
• Repairing or replacing gutters
• Replacing old roofs with layers of waterproof materials
• Nailing down loose shingles
• Applying asphalt to a rooftop

Each type of roof is made of different materials, and it may have a unique shape that requires specialized installation to provide protection for a building’s underlying surfaces.

Materials Used to Repair a Roof

A roofing contractor in Newnan Ga., can install a variety of materials on a rooftop, including:

• Metal – steel, iron or copper
• Concrete or fiber cement – tiles in different shapes
• Asphalt roll – double or single coverage
• Thermoplastics – plastic sheeting
• Membrane – made of rubber
• Wood – red or white cedar

A rooftop may seem like it is a simple structure, but the item is complex to design and build. All of the parts must work together correctly to remain in place during inclement weather conditions. There are many fly-by-night companies that offer roof repairs or replacement after a storm occurs in an area, but it is important to choose an established business that will provide a warranty on a roof’s materials and the technicians’ labor.

Contact a Contractor for a Yearly Rooftop Inspection

To protect a rooftop’s integrity, property owners should contact a roofing contractor in Newnan Ga., for a routine inspection at least once a year or when they notice problems such as water stains on ceilings. If a roof has any type of damage, then the problem will get worse, leading to more decay that will take longer to fix.