Slate roofs are the modern option for a classic and timeless look for your home. But with this beautiful material comes the reality that there will always be a need for repairs. Like all objects and items in your home, it will need updating and repairing throughout your time living there.

It is always a good idea to leave roof repairs to the professionals, but there are ways to be safe while completing a “do it yourself” slate roof repair as well. We’ve repaired hundreds of slate roofs! Check out our tips, tricks, and safety considerations on how to repair a slate roof on your own.

Common Types Of Slate Roof Damage

There are a couple of different reasons why a slate roof can be damaged. In the southeastern region of the United States, it is very likely to have heavy rains and high-speed wind gusts, and there is even a potential for hail! No matter where you live, there is always going to be a way for your slate roof to be damaged. Understanding what type of damage is going to happen is helpful when figuring out a way to complete a “do it yourself” slate roof repair.

Slate roofing is one of the most durable types of material for inclement weather, but there is always a possibility for damage to be done. Heavy rains with high-speed winds can cause the slates on your roof to loosen up, crack, or even come off completely. If left untreated, this will cause more damage to the interior of your home through various reasons such as damaging your siding, poor ventilation, and, most commonly, moisture build-up causing leaks, mold, warping, and other problems. Hail can cause massive damage to your roofing as well.

Depending on the size of the hail, it can damage not just your roof but also your gutters and downspouts! Hail pelting your roof can result in broken or missing slates in your roof. Learn more about hail damage to your roof.

Steps For Repairing A Damaged Slate Roof

Homeowners often ask about how to repair a damaged slate roof. While we always suggest leaving it to the professionals here at Eagle Watch Roofing to do a full assessment of the state of your slate roof, there are possible ways to complete a “do it yourself” slate roof repair.

Step One: Check Out the Damage

The first step in this process is inspecting the damage. Whether you had a rough storm, or maybe you just noticed something is not looking right, you have to check out the situation. It can be nerve-racking to go on top of your home to check out the slates, but that is the only way you will know exactly what is happening, the damages, and what needs fixing.

Safety is the most crucial part of inspecting your slate roof for damage. An important tip is to make sure you have shoes with good traction and gripping abilities. Nonslip shoes or newer sneakers are great options; stay away from sandals and old, worn-out sneakers.

Another helpful tip is to grab a partner to hold your sturdy ladder! Try to eliminate all of the common missteps when trying to finish a “do it yourself” slate roof repair. When you make it atop your house, be sure to check each individual slate for damage. After a heavy storm, there can be small, yet detrimental, cracks in your slates. Do a thorough inspection in each nook and cranny to make sure you do not miss any damage that may have occurred.

Step Two: Replace the Slate

Once you identify your problem area, you have to get the replacement slate. It may be difficult finding the exact same slate that was originally installed. Slate is also quite fragile in its natural state, so you must handle the slates with care as you are removing a broken piece and reinstalling a new one.

In order to install the new slate, you need the correct nails, tools, and technique! This repairing process involves a lot of tedious work. It can be dangerous to go on the top of your home, inspecting for damage, then repairing the slates. This is why hiring a professional roofer is your best bet, as they can ensure the same slate is being used for a safe and effective slate roof repair.

When To Call In An Experienced Roofer?

It is possible to successfully accomplish a “do it yourself” slate roof repair. However, it is hard work to be able to identify the various different elements needed for this tough job. Not only do you need to know exactly what you are looking for once you go on top of your home, but you have to access the following necessities, such as tools, equipment, and materials, to actually complete the reinstallment.

Slate roofs are durable but not indestructible. Like everything in your home, your slate roof will eventually need repairs. It is best to leave it to the professionals to help you with the long process of ensuring the safety, quality, and security of your repaired slate roof. In need of a slate roof repair? Contact the experts at Eagle Watch Roofing for a quote today.


In conclusion, while slate roofs provide a classic and timeless aesthetic to your home, they are not immune to damage. Repairing a slate roof is a delicate task that requires attention to detail and safety precautions. Although there are steps homeowners can take for a “do it yourself” slate roof repair, it is crucial to recognize the complexity of the job and the potential risks involved. Eagle Watch Roofing, with its expertise and professional approach, is a reliable partner in ensuring the safety, quality, and security of your slate roof repairs.


What are the common types of damage to slate roofs?

Slate roofs can be damaged by heavy rains with high-speed winds, leading to loosened, cracked, or dislodged slates. Hail can also cause significant damage, resulting in broken or missing slates and impacting gutters and downspouts.

How can homeowners inspect their slate roofs for damage?

Homeowners can inspect their slate roofs by carefully examining each slate for cracks or damage. It’s crucial to ensure safety during the inspection, using shoes with good traction, a sturdy ladder, and preferably having a partner to assist.

What are the steps for repairing a damaged slate roof?

The first step is to scrutinize the damage. Once identified, the damaged slate needs replacement. Finding an exact match can be challenging, and the replacement process involves handling slates with care and using the correct nails, tools, and techniques.

When is it advisable to call in an experienced roofer for slate roof repair?

While a “do it yourself” repair is possible, it’s recommended to call in an experienced roofer when the complexity of the job, the need for specific tools and materials, and the potential risks involved become apparent. Professionals ensure a safe and effective slate roof repair.

Are slate roofs indestructible?

Slate roofs are durable but not indestructible. Over time, they may need repairs due to various factors, and it’s best to rely on professionals for the extensive process of ensuring safety, quality, and security in slate roof repairs.