Do You Need Fascia Repair?

The fascia is the part of your exterior trim to which your gutters are attached. The fascia boards are an important part of your roof, but they are very vulnerable to rot and damage. Their location under your roof and behind your gutters subjects these boards to a great deal of moisture, and they tend to rot faster than most other trim elements. If your gutters seem to be drooping or you can see visibly rotting wood, fascia repair is a cost-effective solution to protect the integrity of your roof and avoid more extensive repairs if the rot is allowed to spread.

Signs You Need Fascia Repair
Fascia boards are often the first part of your roofing system to go bad, but it does not always happen in plain sight. These boards often rot from the inside out, but you may see signs of trouble if you pay attention.

  • Brownish stains. These stains, which can be visible even on painted wood, come from tar traces from your roof. Brownish stains running down the roof or fascia boards indicate water is leaking into the roof instead of draining away.
  • Buckling of the overhang. The covering of the overhang of your roof is likely a thin plywood. As this wood is exposed to water repeatedly, it will delaminate and begin to buckle.
  • Leaking gutters. Gutters that are leaking often have a clog in the system that allows water to drain against the fascia board instead of out through the downspouts. As the fascia are soaked repeatedly, the gutters will begin to sag and leak even more.

Don’t ignore rotting fascia boards; the damage can quickly spread to the rest of your roof and lead to expensive structural damage. Fascia repair is a cost-effective way to protect your home and roof. Contact Eagle Watch Roofing. your local roofer in Newnan, GA for reliable fascia replacement today.