When construction crews pull away from your newly built home or business, you may not be thinking about the type of roof you have and what you’ll do if it starts to leak or needs repairs.

Owing to Newnan wind and rain, it is inevitable that you will require some type of repair over the life of your roof. Eagle Watch Roofing has years of experience in commercial and residential roof replacement and repair in the Newnan, Georgia area. We’ll be there for you with a free quote on your Newnan roof repair.

Commercial Roof Repair

Whether your business is a doggy day care or a world producer of hydraulic actuators, your livelihood deserves to be protected by a roof that won’t leak.

If you want to avoid a leak, make sure you schedule roof inspections regularly. Keeping one step ahead of the season will give you comfort that your investment will be protected.

Studies have shown that when you are proactive with your roof maintenance, you spend an average of 14 cents per square foot for repairs instead of those who wait for the leak and pay 25 cents per square foot. By preemptively performing regular checks and repairs, you can extend the life of your roof by 8 years.

At the first signs of a leaking roof, call a Newnan, Georgia roof repair company immediately. The longer you let the water seep into your roof, the more damage it will cause.

Wind can also cause damage to roofs by pulling of roof materials. If you see any peeled off tiles or shingles on the ground near your business, don’t hesitate to call for a quote. As they say, “Better safe than sorry.”

If you aren’t ready to replace your entire roof, you can save money with products that can restore you roof and extend its life. A liquid coating sprayed over the old roof produces an unbroken roof layer that doesn’t require removing the old roof.

The covering is also resistant to wind, hail, and UV-ray weakening. However, this won’t do you much good if your roof is badly damaged and it would be better to replace the existing roof.

Choosing the right company for your Newnan roof repair will save you money and time

Eagle Watch Roofing will respond immediately to your place of business and quickly find any leaks. Our hi-tech equipment and skilled tradesman make quick work of your leaks and can find and repair trouble spots so that you can avoid future damage.

Residential Roof Repair

You and family members may see leaks and damage on your ceiling before they get too bad. You’ll see areas on the ceiling wet from the water or may even step into water on the floor. Whether you want to repair your own or hire out for your Newnan roof repair, it’s smart to know what to look for and what you can do.

Finding the source of the leak can be a difficult and frustrating task. If you have access to an attic, you should be able to find the water spot between the trusses, under the insulation.

If you have vaulted ceilings, you’ll have to start you search on your roof. If possible, climb up on a dry and warm afternoon to maximize safety. This next part is easier with a buddy in the house. With a garden hose, spray the area you suspect a leak is developing. Move on to another spot after 10 minutes and keep doing so until your partner indicates the leak has been identified.

After finding the leak, if you choose to repair it yourself, make sure you have the proper tools. If, after removing the old roofing, you find further damage such as mold and rotted framing, it might be time to call the professionals.

If not taken care of properly, rot can spread to insulation, damaging more of your ceiling, and may start to affect your health.

When calling a Newnan, Georgia roof repair company, there are several factors that can raise the repair cost. The type of roof being replaced, such as a metal roof, will be more expensive than common asphalt shingle.

Your roof’s size and pitch may increase the cost of repairs. A steep roof will make the job more difficult.

At Eagle Watch Roofing we want your Newnan, Georgia roof repair to go smoothly and be productive. We have an immediate response team with the residential roofing expertise that you need to save your home.

Call or contact Eagle Watch Roofing today for a free quote before disaster strikes.