The immediate need for roof repairs is not something that occurs on a timetable. After all, for homeowners who live in the Newnan, Georgia area, quite a few events can trigger the need for immediate roof repair.

While most of these events typically have to do with adverse weather conditions, there are also man-made situations that can call for roof repairs that need to be completed without delay as well.

The Weather and Your Roof

Extremely rough weather conditions can lead to loosened sections of flashing, damaged shingles and even severe damage that goes through the shingles and into the sub-roof.

Newnan, Georgia emergency roof repair may become necessary due to:

Hailstorms –

A hailstorm is any storm that includes large chunks of falling ice that can crack shingles and even  (in some severe cases) pierce sections of metal roofing.

Wind Damage –

Long periods of high winds can also take a significant toll on your roof. Not only can these types of winds loosen shingles and get under the eaves, but they can also even cause whole sections to break free from the roofline itself.

Extended Periods of Rain –

Prolonged periods of heavy rain will saturate the ground. Sadly, if you happen to have any trees near your home (and the ground becomes saturated) the roots of these trees may break free.

This could lead to the damaged tree’s branches and truck crashing into your home’s roof and causing severe damage.

Falling Branches –

During storms, a very common threat to roofs are large branches, which can be blown onto your roof and cause detrimental damage.

Things Homeowners Do

The need for Newnan, Georgia emergency roof repair doesn’t always result from acts of mother nature. As a matter of fact, people can very innocently cause damage that needs to be addressed without delay. For instance:

Attempting to Make Roof Repairs on Your Own

It’s very simple to use the wrong tools or step in the wrong place when trying to patch your roof or secure a loose shingle. Unfortunately, when this happens, something that may have began as a minor repair will suddenly turn into a major issue that will require a quick resolution.

If you have roof damage caused by home repairs or a storm, be sure to contact Eagle Watch Roofing. Our roofing professionals are available around the clock to give you a quote for your roof.  

As soon as you contact our office, we will get to work by sending a roofing expert over in order to thoroughly assess the damage, take whatever measures necessary in order to provide you with temporary protection, and then get to the task of repairing the actual damage to your roof.

When you are in need of a Newnan, Georgia roof repair, Eagle Watch Roofing is the company to call.

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