Choosing the most ideal roof for your home can be a daunting task for most homeowners.

This is especially true for those set on installing a metal roof on their home, as — while it is one of the most sustainable, protective, and versatile roofing materials available — it does present you with a laundry list of options to choose from, which may make the decision process a bit confusing.

As Georgia’s roofing experts, we want to share some insider information in order to help you choose the right metal roof for your Newnan, Georgia home.

Consider The Style

One of the benefits of choosing to go with metal roofing is the wide variety of panel profiles (or styles) that are available.

Homeowners can pick from  true standing seams to corrugated looks, to slate, shingle, shake, and tile facsimiles. With that being said, which ‘look’ is ideal for your home?

While this is certainly a matter of personal preference, not every profile is going to fit stylistically and aesthetically with every home.

Consider The Scale

When you’re choosing the right look for your home, it is imperative to keep scale in mind throughout the process.

For instance, if your home is only 50 feet in width, using a 24 inch wide standing seam panel might be overkill, as you will end up with just 25 panels across the entire width of your roof. Similarly, a very heavy looking tile or shake profile might be too much for a smaller home.

In general, roofs that have steeper pitches go best with a heavier looking shake. Historic homes — such as a Cape Cod or Victorian — are boosted by a lower profile ‘slate’ looking shingle.

Ranches and roofs with a lower slope do best with a wood shingle or low profile look. Standing seam has been made popular on log cabins, homes, and as accents on a lower roof (I.E. over a porch).

Consider Your Neighborhood

Keep both your neighbors and your neighborhood in mind when you’re choosing a profile. After all, your goal should be to add to your home’s value.

This can be achieved by setting your home distinctly apart from the other homes in your neighborhood.

With that said, accidentally making your home stand out like a sore thumb through the product or color you choose can significantly detract from home value (not to mention, your neighbors probably won’t be pleased either)..

Choose a Quality Roof Design Expert

The roofing company you choose for the installation of your metal roof should not only have an excellent track record for roofing, but should also have an eye for the design and the knowledge in regards to which products specifically will complement the beauty of your home.

At the end of the day, the experience and expertise of your roofer will help you make an informed decision on both the color and profile that best showcases your home.

If you’d like to learn more about the best metal roof for highlighting your home’s beauty, contact the roofing experts at Eagle Watch Roofing today.