Gutter Helmets have a patented design that allows rain to get into the gutter, but they keep leaves and other debris naturally flowing to the ground keeping them out of your gutter.  This is achieved by a small, 3/8” wide slit that allows water into the gutter, but is too small for debris to go in.  Rainwater actually clings to the textured surface of the Gutter Helmet allowing it to go into your gutter system.  This surface will also withstand heavy snowfalls and winds, as well as rain.  Gravity and surface tension are the basis on which Gutter Helmets work.

Some of the key features of Gutter Helmet include:

  • The Permalife Finish. This includes many layers of paint applied on the finish that resist fading and wear from the normal elements of nature.
  • Ribbed or Textured Surface. This helps the rain cling to the surface in order to go into your gutter, but it keeps other debris out.
  • Strong Brackets. The premium brackets will hold a heavy load of rain, snow, and debris without breaking down or sagging.
  • Nose Forward Design. This design allows debris to flow off of the roof and gutter system, while rainwater goes into the gutter keeping you and your lawn or patio free from strong spouts of rainwater.

If you are tired of digging out twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris from your gutters, then you must try Gutter Helmet.  You’ll love their patented design and low maintenance!  No more worrying about clogged gutters with Gutter Helmet, either!  Keep your gutters clean and flowing freely year after year.

Amazingly enough Gutter Helmets hold up to 22” of rain per hour, and they won’t overflow, either.  So even the heaviest rainfalls are no match for Gutter Helmet. You can use Gutter Helmet at home or on any commercial building.  So let mother nature roar!  She is no match for Gutter Helmet. If your home has any problems, Eagle Watch Roofing, your local roofer in Peachtree City is ready to help.