Gutter covers or gutter guards, as they are also known, simply help keep leaves, twigs, and other debris out of your gutter system, thus allowing rain water, melted snow, etc to flow freely to your downspouts. Gutter covers with the micro mesh filtration screen tend to work best, but keep in mind that even with gutter covers, you will still need to clean your gutters, and check them frequently for debris and damage.
Some benefits of gutter covers or gutter guards include:

• Less debris gets in your gutter system, which means you have to clean your gutters and downspouts less frequently than if you had no gutter covers.
• Gutter covers will help keep your gutters in better shape. Since debris will not stand in your gutters as badly as it would if you didn’t have gutter covers, your gutters should last longer, not rust as quickly, and hopefully not bend or detach from the weight of debris.

What should you look for when purchasing gutter covers?

• Look for gutter covers that are easy to install and remove for cleaning. Even those with small holes will sometimes allow debris to get stuck. Acorns, helicopters from trees, small twigs and more become stuck all year around, so make sure you can easily clean and remove your covers when needed.
• Make sure you buy gutter guards that have holes in them. This allows water to flow into the gutters, but they keep larger debris out.
• Flexible materials are easiest to work with, but make sure you choose covers that work well with your gutter system.

Gutter covers are an important part of your gutter system. They help keep it clean and flowing freely. Keep them maintained well, and they will help protect your gutters, downspouts, and your home. Give us a call if you need to replace your current gutters with covered ones.