Downspouts are often one of the most overlooked aspects of a house, yet they provide a key line of defense against a number of water related home maintenance headaches. Being proactive and spending a little bit to keep your downspouts in working order is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner.

Protecting your basement

One important role that downspouts play is keeping your basement dry. Without properly functioning down spouts, water would run off your roof and into the ground right by your basement walls. This water would then seep into your basement, causing water damage and creating an ideal environment for mold growth. When your down spouts are working correctly, however, they direct the water away from the house, keeping your basement safe and dry.

Protecting your foundation

By redirecting water away from the house, down spouts keep your foundation from cracking, protecting the structural integrity of the house and saving you from a slew of costly repairs down the road.

Erosion control

While the ground close to your house is typically designed to handle typical rainfall, adding the large amount of water that runs off your roof would quickly cause massive erosion problems, destroying your yard and property. Down spouts, on the other hand, help redirect the water to an area that is designed to handle the much larger volumes of water.

Managing water runoff is not an optional task for a homeowner, and down spouts are a crucial piece of water management in most homes. Of course, for down spouts to do their job, you also need a good roof to do its job in delivering all the water to the down spout. If you know that your roof, gutters or downspout have any problems or need any attention, or if you just want an inspection for peace of mind, Eagle Watch Roofing, your local roofer in Peachtree City is ready to help. Don’t put water management on the back burner!