Did you know that we install gutters in Newnan and Peachtree City? Gutters are designed for solely one purpose; to channel water away from the foundation. They are crucial in protecting the structural integrity of a house. If they are not maintained well, they become a key contributor in the deterioration of the home. Some of the contributing factors include defective installation, poor design, and lack of maintenance.

Common problems that affect gutters

  • Clogging– This is a common problem but it can cause so much damage to your house. If they are left unattended to, they become clogged with debris, which will render them useless. The extra weight of twigs, leaves and stagnant water causes them to sag and pull away from the fascia.
  • Holes and leaks– Leaks are also quite common and if they remain that way, the water that sips through will outweigh the roof and cause it to rot. It is better to fix them earlier using a sealant before they become worse.
  • Pooling water– This is an indicator that they are not sloped in the right direction, and leads to numerous problems that cause the gutter to rust faster and collect debris where the water pools. The moisture causes the fascia to rot.
  • Sagging– This is a problem with the hangers which is a hardware that secures them two the fascia. They tend to wear off over time and the fasteners dislocate.

As much as you can fix these problems on your own, it is advisable to give Eagle Watch Roofing a call. We are your local roofer in Newnan, GA and we are here to help you. We can help you with regular inspection and maintenance to prevent a much bigger problem from happening.

Remember that when gutters overflow, hold water or leak, it will not just inconvenience you, but it becomes a threat to your house. Therefore, correct the any problem, as they occur in order to extend the life of the system and your structure as well.