Even if you have a relatively new roof, bad gutters can hurt your roof and cause significant damage to many parts of your roof structure. Your roof’s number one enemy is water. So any time that your gutters aren’t quickly and efficiently moving water off your roof, there’s a chance of damage. When water accumulates, your roof’s structural integrity may be compromised. If you haven’t had your gutters or roof checked out in a while, Eagle Watch Roofing can perform a thorough inspection. We will give you a full report of any problems with your roof or gutters and help determine any steps that may be necessary to correct the issues.

How Bad Gutters Can Hurt Your Roof [infographic]

Water Accumulation

A good-quality well-maintained roof can handle the water from rain or melting snow throughout the year. But accumulated water that sits on your roof can cause premature deterioration. When your gutters stop working, water has nowhere to go but down to your foundations and back up onto your roof. In addition to foundation problems, potential damage to your roof may include:

  • Fascia or soffit rot
  • Weakening of sheathing
  • Damage to the roof structure
  • Growth of mold and fungus

Shorter Shingle Lifespan

Bad gutters can hurt your roof by eroding the grit on your shingles. The grit on the surface of your shingles serves an important function. It acts as a barrier to UV light, which can quickly degrade the asphalt in your asphalt shingles. But that grit can come off under certain conditions. If water is not directed safely off of your roof, standing water can loosen the grit and cause it to run right down the drain in the next downpour. Depending on the force of the water, erosion can take anywhere from several months to a few years to become noticeable. If undetected long enough, erosion will expose the asphalt and shorten the lifespan of your shingles.

Hidden Interior Leaks

With most damaged or clogged gutters, the real issue is the force of the water. When it’s strong enough, water that is not efficiently displaced can get between shingles and cause an interior leak. If the leak occurs in a spot that’s not easily detected, extensive damage may occur to:

  • Interior ceilings and walls
  • The roof deck and adjacent structures
  • Insulation within walls

Damage from accumulated water tends to happen slowly over time, meaning early detection can usually minimize related roof issues. Whether or not you’ve spotted visible gutter damage, Eagle Watch Roofing has the skill and equipment necessary to identify and correct gutter issues. They can diagnose gutter problems while also evaluating the structural stability of your roof. When they’re done, you will have a full report on the health of your roof and gutters. With that knowledge, you can spot problems before they grow, saving you time and trouble from larger roofing emergencies. Schedule your free estimate today!