Your gutters play an important role in your home, but it can be easy to overlook their general upkeep and maintenance. Oftentimes, homeowner ignore obvious problems, but doing so can cause even bigger issues later on down the road. Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve given your gutters attention or installation took place a number of years ago, there are a few signs to be aware of that it may be time to replace yours.

Cracks and Splits

The gutter was made to transport water away from the home, and an abundance of cracks and splits prevents them from doing their only job. Failing to fix cracks when they’re small can turn into bigger cracks later on. Once this happens, there’s little you can do but replace them.

Orange Flecks

Gutters are located outdoors, and that’s why their paint is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions. While it’s not unusual to notice paint peeling, if this is associated with the appearance of orange flecks, this means rust is developing. Water is present continually, and this is an indicator of a bigger problem such as large cracks or a hindrance in water flow.


If your guttering system has begun to sag or lean away from the home, it’s likely you need to replace it. One of the main reasons this symptom arises is because they are full of water, thus indicating they aren’t performing their function. The gutter may not be a good fit for the home and should be replaced by a more compatible version.

Professional Help You Can Count On

If you think you may need help with problems you’re experiencing, your local roofer in Peachtree City is ready to help. We can take a look at your circumstances and help you determine if it’s time for a replacement, so give us a call and schedule and appointment today.