Your home’s fascia boards often go unnoticed; however, problems with this part of your roof are often the first sign that your gutters might be in need of repair, so don’t be surprised if you call your roofer for fascia repair and he recommends some additional gutter work. A roofer who finds and repairs gutter problems while they are small has served you well.

Gutter Maintenance and Home Repair
One of the inescapable chores of home ownership is cleaning out your gutters twice a year. Leaving it undone can create a host of problems, the least of which is the fascia.
• Clogged gutters can spill onto your landscaping and ruin it.
• The water that collects near the home can seep into your basement or crawl space and lead to foundation problems and mold growth.
• Clogged gutters fill with water which makes them heavy and causes them to be torn away from the roof, often taking the fascia and soffits with them as they go.
• Ponding rainwater in your gutters breeds disease-carrying mosquitos.
• Standing water in your gutters eventually saturates the fascia and causes it to rot. Without repair, the rot can spread to the siding, soffits, exterior walls and the roof deck.

Fascia Repair as Preventative Maintenance
By faithfully tending to the condition of your fascia, you can prevent many home repair problems often associated with faulty gutters. This is one way that you can easily save yourself thousands in home repair bills.

Gutters are an integral part of your home’s roofing system, taking the water that falls onto the roof and carrying it away from your home which prevents damage to nearly every part of your house. Should you notice any of the problems mentioned above, your favorite Newnan, GA, roofer is available to help you make the necessary repairs to your gutters and fascia and to keep your home looking its best.