The task of cleaning out the gutters is eliminated from the to-do list when damage-preventing, time saving gutter screens are installed on your home. Over the course of a year, leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris can build up in the gutter. These items interfere with the flow of rainwater and snowmelt. When the water builds up, it can cause costly damage to the roof, foundation and other home structures. What started out as an innocent fallen leaf in the fall, by summer is part of a black, gooey mess that may cause all sorts of problems.

Eliminate bug habitats
The accumulation of matter in the gutter creates a breeding ground for bugs and insects. Mosquitoes may breed in the stagnant water that has pooled in the gutters. In addition, termites and some beetles may bore into and eat away water-softened wooden structures on the home, such as fascia and soffits.

Do not be a statistic
Every year, homeowners risk life and limb by climbing up on a ladder to remove the debris that they know has gathered in the gutters. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, annually, more than 90,000 people seek treatment in emergency rooms for ladder-related injuries.

The installation of gutter screens is a simple solution to maintaining the value of your home and keeping you safe from injuries. The advantages to having screens professionally installed on your gutters include:

  • Improved waterflow for rain and snowmelt
  • Eradication of damaging insect breeding locations
  • Elimination of risky ladder climbing

A call to an experienced, local roofer in Newnan, GA such as Eagle Watch Roofing, set you on the path to installing the right type of gutter screens for your home. They will offer you an estimate for how to protect the investment in your home with cost-effective screens in your gutters.