The gutters that line your roof’s edges are critical components that serve the entire building envelope. Gutters capture rainwater and direct it to the ground. The system saves the home from roof degradation and foundation problems. Adding gutter covers to your home is a clever way to further improve the property’s value.

• Protection from Debris Buildup

Gutter covers can be basic mesh or metal grates, but every product serves the same basic purpose. They prevent leaves, twigs and other natural debris from entering the gutter system. When debris accumulates in the gutters, they can crack and spill water in many directions. The covers simply force debris to fall off of the roof while allowing rainwater to flow into the channels unimpeded.

• No Nesting Opportunities

Gutters are essentially long channels that funnel water away from the home’s foundation edges. These channels are perfect locations for nesting animals. From birds to vermin, these animals will fill the gutter with nesting debris that blocks water from moving through the system. Contractors affix covers onto the gutters by using specialized fasteners. Animals cannot dislodge the covers for their nesting purposes so they move onto another location.

• Extends the Gutters’ Lifespans

Most gutters are constructed of strong aluminum. They’re designed to withstand the weathering elements. With covers across the horizontal gutters, homeowners will notice a longer lifespan to their system’s components. Cracked channels and other declining areas occur less frequently. The covers actually provide slightly more support for the channels. As a result, the system can last for many more years with the right maintenance schedule. Repairing or replacing gutters are usually expensive services, but these costs are largely avoided with strong covers added to the home.

Every roof needs maintenance at least once a year. Eagle Watch Roofing, a trusted contractor in Peachtree City is happy to evaluate, estimate and repair your gutters at almost any time of year. Take care of the roof, and you’ll have a home with fewer damages over the years.