Gutters collect rain water and ensure water does not collect along the base of a home. While rain water is great for your lawn, trees and shrubs it can do major damage to any home. Without a proper run off created by downspouts in a gutter system, water can collect at the base of a home and over time will find its way into a home’s basement or foundation. Although without gutter covers even the best gutter system still can not guarantee a dry home.

Gutters are not maintenance free. While they are efficient at collecting water, they are also efficient in collecting everything else, leaves being a prime culprit. The collection of debris in a gutter will eventually render them useless. In fact, it can even cause a greater problem. This is why gutter covers are essential for every gutter.

There are multiple types of covers, also called gutter guards. They can be made of nylon, mesh or foam. These covers can work in a variety of ways too. Some deter leaves from collecting in gutters and their design forces leaves toward the ground. Some create a sort of “net” over gutters that allow water to pass through but larger debris can not. It is important to note, gutter covers do still require some maintenance and cleaning. These types, especially, that collect debris will require debris removal, although not as often as homes without.

With the wide variety of covers it is best to consult a professional to find the right covers for your home. This is the best way to be sure you find a system that works for your needs. Plus, installation by a professional team can help deter unnecessary fails and other hazards. Contact your local Peachtree City roofing contractor to have your home set up.

A home is a sanctuary for families after long days at work and school. Give it the best care possible with proper prevention. A gutter cover can save you more than the headache of dealing with a wet basement. It can save you thousands in restoration costs and your family’s home.