The Importance of Downspouts

A gutter system has one purpose, which is to direct rainwater off of the roof and away from the building on which it is installed. Downspouts play an integral role in a home’s gutter system, and they must be in working order to prevent water damage and keep the gutter system operating efficiently and effectively. These hollow tubes are affixed to the gutter, usually at the building’s corners, in order to carry rainwater from the gutter, down a building and away from the building’s foundation.

  • Downspout Size and Quantity Matters

It is imperative to choose the right downspout amount and size. If the quantity or size is lacking, the gutters may overflow during heavy rains and melting snow, possibly causing substantial damage to the building. A residential downspout comes in either a 3-inch x 4-inch or 2-inch x 3-inch size, with home trends moving toward the 3-inch x 4-inch size due to its larger water capacity. However, the 2-inch x 3-inch size is sufficient for roofs that are less than 600 square feet. The basic rule of thumb is to place a downspout every 20 feet along the gutter line.

  • Downspout Maintenance Is Essential

A clogged downspout can act as a catalyst to many types of home problems such as downspout damage, gutter replacement and roof repair. Typical items that can clog a downspout are baseballs, debris, flower buds, leaves, nests, seedlings, sticks and tennis balls. Some signs that a downspout has a clog is water pools near the gutter system’s drop outlet and leaking water that comes from the backside of the downspout.

Downspouts are not an optional home exterior accessory; they are a necessity. Eagle Watch Roofing your local roofers in Peachtree City, can install downspouts in order to bolster an existing gutter system and protect your home.