We often forget about our gutters. When they’re installed correctly and are not clogged, they serve us well and demand only periodic maintenance. However, there are a few factors than can damage gutters, and one of the major threats is wind. Here are a few facts about how wind can affect gutters and what experts Eagle Watch Roofing in Newnan, GA, can do about it.

Strong Winds

Strong storms are common in the Atlanta metro area, and especially strong storms can produce too much wind for improperly installed or old gutters to handle. The shape of gutters can effectively catch wind at certain angles, which can cause them to rip off dramatically. Vertically aligned gutter components are at risk as well. Experts in roofing in Newnan, GA, can take steps to reinforce your gutters to reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Metal Fatigue

Another potential threat to gutters is metal fatigue. As storms come and go, gutters move back and forth due to both light and strong winds. This constant movement eventually weakens the gutter’s metal, much like bending a paperclip back and forth causes it to break. Metal fatigue can affect the screws or nails holding the gutters in place as well. While cracks in the metal can spread quickly, regular inspections can help you detect this problem before it’s too late to fix.

Blown Debris

While most gutters can handle occasional strong storms fairly well, wind doesn’t always strike by itself. Windblown debris can carry a tremendous amount of energy, and these object can damage gutters. Dents and dings are common, but a heavy object can also dislodge gutters enough to cause them to fall.

Gutters are designed to withstand wind, but they can only provide top-notch protection for so long. In addition, improper installation and other problems can lead to premature failure. Make sure you have your gutters checked by professionals on occasion, especially if you’re planning on any roofing work.