Roof damage doesn’t just mean you’re dealing with old, worn shingles. Damage to the chimney structure is quite common as well, with many culprits behind it.

Over time, chimneys tend to develop cracks and crevices that allow water to permeate them. Additionally, the sections of metal applied at the seams between the chimney and roof — called roof flashing – may come loose or break due to high winds and other inclement weather.

Improper chimney flashing installation can also open up your roof to early deterioration. Chimney leaks are the primary form of damage you will notice from a faulty chimney flashing installation.

Instead of keeping rain and snow out of the roof seams, sub-par flashing allows the moisture into the roof’s inner structure. Water seepage can cause mildew, mold and premature aging of the roof.

If you have a chimney, regular maintenance, yearly inspections and prompt repairs are a must. You have to be proactive if you want to avoid nasty chimney leaks or, worse, damage to your roof caused by chimney problems you ignored for too long.

Chimney Inspection

Leaky chimney problems can quickly become costly, and may include drywall warping, ceiling stains, insulation saturation, mold growth and interior home damage. That’s why we, here at Eagle Watch Roofing, recommend annual inspections handled by a professional.

When you hire a roofing inspection contractor to check the integrity of your roof, they will inspect not only the roof, but also the chimney, vents, skylights, all areas of flashing, and your home’s drainage systems.

If there are any problems with the chimney, such as broken bricks, loose mortar joints, cracks around the chimney foundation, or deteriorating flashing, prompt repairs should be your next priority.

Chimney Flashing Repairs Vs Replacement

Chimney flashing needs to be replaced when it becomes rusty, corroded, chipped, or broken. Masonry caulk can seal small gaps or holes on a short-term basis, but is not designed to take the place of the flashing.

Depending on the state of the flashing, part of the chimney and surrounding roof shingles may also need replacement.

Oftentimes flashing can be repaired – you can follow our simple steps to chimney flashing repairs we’ve covered on this blog.

However, if flashing shows signs of rust or other weather wear, your contractor may need to remove shingles to install new flashing. This is not a do-it-yourself undertaking, since improper flashing installation could void your roof warranty.

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